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Six Flags Breakdown

Explore from start to finish my rendering version  of Bugs Bunny, using a traditional style illustration along with Six Flags Branding.

Bugs Bunny Golf Breakdown


The following design samples were used for internal company designs, commercial art and conceptual design use.

Bugs Bunny Sketch in Photoshop

Start Sketching

I roughed in the head, body, and background. I stayed loose so that I can quickly make changes.

Bugs Bunny

Finalize Drawing

I finalized the drawing by cleaning all layers. I saved the file as a jpg to be used as a reference for illustrator.

Inking in illustrator

Inking finalize drawing in illustrator

I put the jpg image on the bottom layer as a reference. Using the pen tool, brush tool and white selection tool to do my inking. I experiment with the brush profiles to get a various tapered strokes.

Putting in the flats

After finalizing the ink for Bugs, I then made a color layer for the flats (only for Bugs). All layers related to Bugs should be under the Bugs ink layer.

Putting in the shadows and highlights

I dropped in the shadows and highlights on top of the flat colors. Also, started drawing parts of the background.

Putting in the flats, shadows, and highlights for the background layers

I put in the flats for the background layer. Making sure they are behind the background ink layer.

Putting in the ink, flats, shadows, and highlights for the foreground layers

Copy all layers into Photoshop as a Smart Object

I selected all layers, copied and pasted those layers into a Photoshop. My Photoshop file has the same size as the art board in Illustrator. In this case 24in x 36in.

Cropping, applying Levels, Shading, and Branding

Here is where I made my final touches so that the image would have that pop. Finally, I added the Six Flags Logo at the top of the composition.

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